Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Review! Allagash Black

Allagash Black Beef Jerky
2 oz. bag
Purchased at Christy's in Orleans (the old SOGGS)

Sorry for the low-res pic, but my super nice old digital camera is kind of busted right now, so I gotta use my phone's camera.  And no, that handsome gentleman eyeing that bag of Allagash Black Beef Jerky isn't me, its the great Charles Flohe, star of screen and "Rappin'", possibly the best movie ever made.  

Anyway, we're not here to talk about Charles Flohe (peep my other blog for that:, we are here to talk about beef jerky.  

Allagash Black was truly a dark horse in my purchasing decision process today at Christy's.  I had made a special trip to Christy's to pick up a bag of Wild Bill's Beef Jerky (More on that brand in a future blog) after making a pointless trip to Hyannis to buy one CD.  (Frayser Boy's "Me Being Me" which is a solid addition to the enormous Hypnotized Minds Camp library.)
I had picked out my bag of Wild Bill's and was making my way towards the drinks when something caught my eye.  Maybe it was the guy in red plaid canoeing bundles of beef jerky down a northern river that riled a little of my Acadian blood, or maybe it was the succulent slices of dried and seasoned beef, or maybe it was the name....Allagash Black... but I literally threw my bag of Wild Bill on the ground and snatched up the Allagash Black.  Its exciting, when you are truly a beef jerky addict, to find a brand you've never seen before in one of your fave convenience stores in your home town.  
As I got back into my car and cranked the volume on one of Frayser Boy's many dissertations on the life of a hard gangster in Memphis, drawing scowls from senior citizens pumping gas, I hurriedly ripped open the package of Allagash Black.  I immediately knew I was in for a treat.  The smell was tantalizing and the texture of the jerky was perfect.  Not too moist, not too dry, not too hard, not too soft.  The jerky was packed in the bag in the vacuum locked way, where the plastic clings tight around the beef.  I like this packaging, because the jerky doesn't just jump out at you, you gotta pick each piece out.  This leads to a slower eating process that lets you enjoy each little morsel a little bit longer.  
I was immediately impressed with this jerky.  Huge amounts of zesty spices filled my mouth as I chewed.  This is seriously zesty jerky, and lemony spice abounds, something I've never tasted in a jerky before.  I actually took a look at the ingredients (while driving) to see what the heck was in this stuff, as I've never tasted a jerky that tastes like it.  Beef, water, LEMON JUICE!  Ah, that would explain the lemon zest.  Its not like some lemon flavored jerky, though, its like a crazy whirlpool of deliciousness, and a further look at the ingredients describes its one of a kind flavor better than I could.  I'm a manly man, thus my love of beef jerky and lack of fancy foodie terms.  

As I peeled back the price tag to read the ingredients I got a whiff from the bag and my mouth started watering.  This is some serious jerky folks.  
Selected ingredients:  
cayenne pepper
chili pepper extract
vegetable oil
lemon oil

This is some funky, delicious jerky, with big flavor, decent spice and that bizarre list of ingredients adds up to a flavor that makes it truly one of a kind jerky.  My only complaint would be that the slight sour taste of the lemon undertones inhibits you from eating it as fast as you can jam it in your mouth!  But, I suppose that is a plus as well, as jerky this good is meant to be savored.  
Taste: 9/10
Smell: 10/10
Total Score: 9.5/10
ALSO!  This jerky is from Scarborough Maine, which is where my aunt Jeanne lives.  First jerky I've seen available from Maine.  

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