Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been a devout beef jerky eater for 20 plus years.  It started with that gas station staple, the Slim Jim brand.  I was a skinny kid who constantly ate chips, Slim Jims and drank soda, my friends thought it was amazing that I wasn't fat.  I weighed 150 pounds until I turned 21, when I promptly grew three inches and gained about 30 pounds.  I now weigh around 200 pounds, and I eat beef jerky constantly.  Is beef jerky the reason for my manly physique?  I don't know, but its the most delicious dried meat food stuff available for purchase, widely sold throughout the land.  I've done alot of traveling around this great nation in my life, and everywhere I've gone, I've tried the different beef jerky brands available in each region.  Some are great, some are okay, some actually suck.  Its that one magical bag that you get in a gas station in some backwater town in Idaho or South Dakota or New Mexico that keeps you searching.  Its an adventure in flavor taste and fun, so join me.  
I will review different brands, from the big uns to the lil 'uns, and try to keep abreast of beef jerky in the news, and news about beef jerky.  So stay tuned and strap in, because this party is in the house!  

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